New York City & Jersey City Drupal Developer and Consultant

I'm JD Leonard, a freelance Drupal development consultant in the New York City metro area. I live in Jersey City, New Jersey, two subway stops from World Trade Center in Manhattan. I provide services globally either directly or through my firm, Modern Biz Consulting LLC.

Drupal Association Individual Member badgeI'm an expert Drupal web developer and architect who focuses on the planning and development of complex web applications. I'm in an ideal position to build your next web application because I have:

  • Formal training - a computer science degree from Rice University
  • Drupal experience - I've been building sites with Drupal since 2006
  • Business acumen - I'll help you make decisions that positively impact your business
  • Project management and planning skills - I previously worked for Microsoft as a Program Manager in Redmond
  • A knack for planning and developing complex systems that last

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With over 13 years of Drupal experience, I am a generalist, but some areas for which I have in-depth experience include:

  • Information architecture design
  • Complex web applications - Copperly (merchant services comparison) and are two good examples
  • Custom Drupal module development and upgrades
  • Functional specifications and project management
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Custom integrations including use of third party APIs (e.g. Salesforce, FormAssembly, Facebook)
  • Business process / workflow development (including digitization of paper processes)
  • Membership management
  • Document management
  • Best practices for deployment workflows, patch management, and other DevOps
  • Page load / performance optimization
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and social network integrations
  • Custom views handler development
  • Database design
  • Drupal training
  • Data migrations
  • Startup consulting
  • User experience design
  • Object oriented programming (OOP)
  • Clear and concise written and oral communication

My projects tend to focus on improving the bottom line of businesses or achieving the goals of not-for-profit organizations.


Drupal is the workhorse behind the sites I develop. It's a versatile framework and content management system that can do almost anything you can imagine - as long as you have a good plan and a great Drupal developer. Read more at about why you should choose Drupal.

I am intimately familiar with Drupal 5, Drupal 6, Drupal 7, and Drupal 8 as well as critical technologies that enable your Drupal web application to perform well, such as:

  • PHP
  • MySQL or MariaDB
  • Memcache and Redis object caches
  • Git for source control management
  • Reverse proxy caches such as Varnish and Nginx
  • Apache Solr and Drupal's Search API
  • Drupal-optimized hosting such as Pantheon and Acquia Cloud
  • Email service providers such as Sendgrid and Mailchimp's Mandrill
  • Javascript, jQuery, CSS, and Sass

Working with JD

From my global home office (currently Jersey City, but my location changes periodically), I meet the needs of clients including tech startups, universities, businesses of all sizes, and creative agencies. I'm extremely flexible, willing to travel, and will make sure your website has an excellent foundation for future development, whether it be with me or another professional. I generally work remotely.

I work on an hourly basis. I strongly believe this provides you, the client, with the most flexibility and best value.

Why Hourly?

In an ideal world, you know exactly what you want and that doesn't change. Realistically, requirements change frequently (or aren't well defined to begin with); as your web application takes shape, you realize that feature X isn't as important as you initially thought, and feature Y is suddenly a must-have.

Fixed price contracts create a negative dynamic between client and consultant because, at some point, the consultant has to say no to stay on budget, to the detriment of the project. Working hourly affords you the opportunity to change your mind when needed without the unnecessary overhead and awkward back-and-forth of renegotiating the contract.

Much of the value of Drupal comes from its default functionality and behavior, which makes it relatively easy to build a complex website without spending a ton of time. Of course, you won't always want that default functionality. Fortunately, Drupal is infinitely customizable; it can do exactly what you want it to. However, customization takes time and time is money. I strive to help you efficiently prioritize the customizations you really need to save you time and money. This is easiest on an hourly basis because I can quickly estimate the time it takes to complete a task without the overhead of a formal, budget-altering change request process.

Think of me as a raw efficient resource at your disposal for your planning and/or development needs. I work great in an agile environment and I'm more than happy to work with you, your team, other vendors, and your changing requirements!

I track my time and invoice to the minute. The clock is on when I'm doing work for you; it's off when my attention is elsewhere. I strive to only do work that is useful to you. I typically invoice every 10-20 days when work has been done.


I provide consulting and development services to clients who expect the highest quality and most efficient work. You get what you pay for. If you're looking for bargain basement pricing and shoddy quality, please look elsewhere!

Phone Consultation
  • Get to know each other
  • Discuss your needs
  • Discuss timeline
  • Discuss budget
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W-2 (Part-Time)
$200 / hr
  • Extremely flexible resource
  • Directed independently or by you
  • Exceptional communication
  • Billed by the minute
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1099 / Corp-to-Corp
$215 / hr
  • Extremely flexible resource
  • Directed independently or by you
  • Exceptional communication
  • Billed by the minute
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For the convenience of clients in Europe, I can provide rates in Euros for payment via SEPA transfer. I charge a reasonable fee for card payments.

Drupal Community

I proudly support Drupal through my paid membership in the Drupal Association, sponsorship of the Bay Area Drupal Camp, and active participation in the Bay Area, New York City, and greater Drupal communities. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute code back to the Drupal project and I encourage my clients to permit me to do so whenever it would be valuable to the community. I contribute bug reports and patches to the issues queues on to make Drupal and Drupal modules better for everyone and I have made multiple presentations, including Drupal 7 entities and the Entity API. I am an organizer of the monthly Drupal NYC meetup and DrupalCampNYC 2020.

I have frequently attended meetings of the following community groups:

I have also had the pleasure of attending Drupal user group meetings in the following cities:

  • Santa Clara
  • Seattle
  • Taipei
  • Stuttgart

And I have attended the following Drupal conferences:

More JD

Check out my LinkedIn profile.

I'm also passionate about reducing credit card processing costs for businesses as the CEO of Copperly, which offers interchange plus merchant services price comparison and general education about bankcard acceptance.